The Transplaining Training Library

Welcome to the Transplaining Training Library! We seek to meet learners where they are in order to make the world a safe(r) and more equitable place for trans* and gender non-conforming youth and adults through training, community conversations and empathetic guidance.

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The allyship package.

    The allyship package is here! Subscribe monthly or annually and access new and previous recorded webinars to help you take your allyship to the next level! These courses are intended for educators, slps, allied healthcare professionals and all community members - learn how to have a trauma-informed approach, use the right language and stay engaged! We need you!

    Check out just a few of our course offerings:

    • Free

    What to expect at the doctor: navigating conversations around social and medical transition

    • Jun 22, 2021 at 10:30 AM EDT

    RECORDING AVAILABLE Being trans is amazing. Navigating barriers to care is…overwhelming. So, we've created a FREE resource that outlines the current WPATH standards, what to expect at the doctor and how to prepare for conversations around medical transition. This webinar is appropriate for anyone of any age, or a parent/guardian of anyone seeking gender affirming care.

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    Culturally Responsive Clinician Starter Bundle

      7 Asynchronous webinars with CMH certificates for all clinicians. 

      • $199

      Culturally Responsive Pediatric SLP Bundle

        10 Asynchronous webinars with CMH certificates geared toward pediatric speech-language pathologists.

        • $99

        Make Your Intake Forms Inclusive

          SELF STUDY COURSE - Watch Transplaining's AC and the Independent Clinician's Jena review and discuss how to make Intake Forms more inclusive for people of all genders.

          • $99

          Introduction to Trans Inclusion at Camp

            SELF STUDY COURSE - An introduction to terms and actions that will make your camp a safer place for folks of all genders, and gender presentations.

            • $99

            Inclusive Materials for Practices

              SELF STUDY COURSE - Learn about the importance and practical nature of creating inclusive materials for your practice.

              • $99

              Playback of Gender Inclusive Practices in "Single" Gender Camps

                Enjoy this playback of the February 1st, 2021 conversation on how to handle the invisible line between genders in "single gender" spaces

                • $99

                Creating Safe Spaces in K-12 Schools

                  SELF STUDY COURSE - Ensure that your school-based practice is free from microaggressions.

                  • $99

                  Culturally Responsive Practices Working with Trans/GNC Patients, Clients, and Students Across All Settings for Speech/Language Pathologists

                    SELF-STUDY COURSE - A foundational knowledge course that will lay the groundwork for culturally responsive learning.

                    • $599

                    Update Your Clinic, Hospital or School Intake Forms

                      Receive a video review of your intake and registration forms with suggestions for improvements and suggestion rationale.

                      • $599

                      Update Your Website

                        Ensure your website uses inclusive language to communicates that trans* and gender non-conforming people are welcome in your space.

                        • $95

                        Bias Review (1 hour)

                          Are you... Writing an article? Publishing research? Designing a survey? Creating a resource document? Get it reviewed with AC!

                          • $599

                          Materials Review

                            Be sure you're using the most current, inclusive language and that all of your clients, patients or students are able to see themselves represented!

                            • $199

                            PreK-12 Educator Bundle

                              Gain access to 7 courses to help create a more gender inclusive school community.

                              • $225

                              A la Carte 1:1 with AC

                                Schedule 50 minutes with AC to discuss anything you need.

                                • $50

                                Affirmation in Spiritual Spaces Course

                                  This course is designed to help spiritual individuals and faith community leaders learn about the experiences of trans* folks in religious spaces.  Designed for you to walk away with concrete actions to take, you will view a recorded training and then have access to a series of journal/reflection questions. This Content is intended for individual use.  For group viewing, please reach out to Chris@transplaining.inf...

                                  • $2,500

                                  8 Consulting Sessions with AC

                                    Schedule 50 minutes with AC for whatever you need. 

                                    • $100

                                    Foundations for Trans* Inclusion

                                      Asynchronous Course: This course is the starting point for camps and youth organization professionals who are exploring engaging in trans* inclusive practices. Join Chris as he defines terms, the "why" for inclusive practices, and dispels many myths that keep organizations from doing this work. The coursework concludes with first practical steps. This course is for individual use.